Alchemic Kitchen Supports Local Community During Pandemic

The Alchemic Kitchen, one of  Stanley Grange’s newest residents, have been working away to provide relief during the pandemic. No sooner had they opened the doors to their container kitchen than the pandemic forced them to stop all planned workshops and events. Instead they pivoted and provided over 4,000 meals to local community groups including Al’s Arc in Prescot and Hillside Community Centre. Every week their chef Keenan made a delicious soup using produce that would otherwise go to waste. All of the soups were accompanied by a bread roll from Homebaked Anfield.

Whilst the conditions were far from ideal, the pandemic provided Alchemic Kitchen with the opportunity to become fast friends with neighbouring organisations. This has resulted in the inception of a new project Knowsley Kitchen, a weekly veg box delivery services for local households who need a helping hand at the moment.

Now that the worst of the storm appears to be over, The Alchemic Kitchen hope to return to Stanley Grange to resume the Disco Chops and Food Labs that had been put on hold. The Alchemic Kitchen continues to make delicious preserves from surplus produce, new favourites include Scouse Ketchup and Beer Grain Granola. Their new project “Your Food Needs You” focuses on helping household to reduce their food waste through a series of events suitable for all abilities and ages. Head to to keep up to date with news and events.