Tenant Focus – Cybertill

Cybertill's Ian Tomlinson, right, together with Lord Derby, who officially opened the firms new offices based in the ground of his estate at Knowsley Park
Cybertill’s Ian Tomlinson, right, together with Lord Derby, who officially opened the firms new offices based in the grounds of his Estate at Knowsley Park

Cybertill helps retailers manage their business from their supply chain to in-store and online with retail software. Our solution is hosted in the cloud, which means our customers can access it in real-time, on any device, anywhere. We help over 650 retailers in over 4,500 locations, from large retailers such as Cancer Research UK and F. Hinds to smaller independent retailers across many sectors.

We are currently located in Clock Tower Court, our fifth ‘home’ on the business park, as we have grown from around 30 staff when we moved here to over 100 now. We moved to Knowsley Park for a number of reasons. Firstly the incredibly peaceful and inspiring location. Not only does this make for a great work environment, the desirable location also helps in the recruitment process. What’s more, customers and prospects alike always comment on how nice our offices are and how peaceful the location is.

The infrastructure is also critical to us as a business. Broadband and telecoms have to be first grade as that is how much of the business is transacted today. We are constantly holding online demonstrations, training and conference calls with customers, prospects, partners and our US office so the communication infrastructure needs to support this. It is also very important for our busy in-house customer support desk.

The estate has been incredibly accommodating in helping us move around the business park. It has supported each move and even built us an outside decking area for informal meetings, lunches, and our annual barbecue. When we moved into our latest office the estate helped us with an office party where local businesses, dignitaries, partners and press attended, along with Lord Derby who kindly spoke a few words about the estate and Cybertill.

The synergy of the businesses on the estate is a nice mix, and we have a great relationship with our neighbours. We are very proud to be based in Knowsley, and are hopefully helping to raise the profile of this fantastic place to work.